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Wire line Crimps

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Once again I need the LOU experts help and information. I recently spooled up my new Daiwa SG47LCA reels with 30lb OptiTackle Stainless Steel 7strand wire. I put the required amount of backer line on before spooling the wire over it but now I need to attach my snap swivels to the end of the wire. I assume I am to use crimps like I do when I make leaders for trolling for muskies. My problem is that the smallest ID crimps I can find are 0.040". The wire measures 0.012" diameter and when I double it over and back through the crimp, it is still only 0.024" in diameter. Will using a 0.040" ID size crimp be to big to secure my wire line? Do they sell smaller crimps smaller in diameter and if so where may I purchase them? Or is there another way of attaching the wire to the swivels? Thanks in advance for your answers. As usual any and all all help is greatly appreciated.

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