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8-24-12 Mexico Bay Solo Action

Miss em

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Got out around 10:30 for a couple of hours and blundered into a couple. My solo netting techniques have improved dramatically over last year! Mexico Bay looks pretty loaded up right now. Couple hits on rigger, one on thumper, one on a dipsy. Standard stuff but food for thought - try an 8-inch Hot Chip flasher with a 27 inch leader to your fly. Whatever color combos you like. Good mid day rig for me.

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Nice job . One thing i noticed was no life jacket,which i am often guilty of it to. I was out solo once and almost went in the drink netting a fish. Got to thinking about if i would have fell in, all i could do was watch my boat drive away. Just something to think about.

great point here :yes:

I think some boats are safer to solo than others with no life jacket. I always where one solo , my boat is small and I am NOT a strong swimmer. :o ...especially netting big fish in a 16 tincan really need to be careful

I am always afraid of stumbling in back with the tighter width of my boat , I have seen vids of guys solo in bigger boats, tall walls surrounding...not sure how you could tumble out inless your reaching off balance or something.

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