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Mexico, made the board!

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Fished Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning. Sat. started out with a nice 31.3lb Hybrid Chinho. Made the board even though I waited 5hrs to weigh it in. Didn't want to leave fish for something that probably would hold up anyway. Finished the day 8 for 9. Sun. morning was slower for me as I made a bad decision on where to go and missed out on the main bite. Ended 3 for 5. Had some nice mid to upper 20"s both days and got 1 Coho as well. Good fishing in the bay right now. Chrome Chips and Spin Dr's with Atommik flys was the ticket. Dipsys were best taking all but 4 of my fish. The fish are scattered from 60fow water out to 200ft. Find them, work them and you'll get enough to keep you happy. Here's a pic of the 31lber.

Total Chaos


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The spotting is more typical of a coho, the leading edge of the anal fin is much longer than it would be on a pure chinook, it has characteristics of both species in the tail and very light spotting on the tail. I was just looking at the pic and was going to comment that it looked like a hybrid when I saw that you indicated that in your post.

Nice fish Brian :yes::yes::yes:


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Hey! Good post. FYI I purchased a second boat this year to make it easier to fish the big pond. It’s 18’ aluminum Star Craft that I have been spending time fishing out of Fairhaven in. I do plan on visiting Mexico bay over the next week or so as long as the weather holds up so give me a shout if you get a chance.

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