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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Flashpoint





Time on Water:20- 24 hrs

Weather/Temp:clear sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 71






Total Hits:13, 16, 11

Total Boated:9,10,6

Species Breakdown:14 Kings, 9 Browns,1 Coho, 1 Laker

Hot Lure: Chrome Spinny & Chips with Tg Fly & Hammer Live Fly, Green Gator UV Spoon, Die Hard & Moonshine spoons in the am

Trolling Speed: varied

Down Speed: 2.4 - 2.6

Boat Depth: 75 to 150

Lure Depth: 80 to 110



Just an incredible run the last week. No doubt the Evening bite has been hotter then the AM but we have done fish all times out. The temp really moved in early in the week & so did the fish. We have been getting a really nice mixed box with the kings running in tighter, leaving a couple small spoons down on the riggers has picked up browns while the Kings have been killing the dipsies! Friday we had a king spooled the 300 copper got him back about half way only to have him cross up another line and break the copper at the knot! arrgghh...300 copper Gone! :devil: FRiday we made a troll out to 150 ( as we have been doing a mainly east-west troll) found some VERY cold water , made our turn back and the 500 copper pops. Not a a screaming run but some good weight. Bring it in to find a Laker pushing the 20 lb mark! Really pretty fish that my client decides to put on the wall. Sunday we dropped a few that should have helped the box, had a screamer on the 500 that we finally get in, only to drop him with a head shake 30 ft from the boat. hour later we hook up a beautiful Coho on the dipsie, make some awesome tuna like runs coming right out of the water! get him in, the client couldnt keep the dipsie up ....as cohos do he went around the out drive & then a rigger cable before I could get him in the net....GONE! A very nice fish I have no doubt would push 20 pounds.....Oh well. We still finished with a very good box & all groups rebooking for next year! Lets hope this week keeps up the action!

Here is a few pics..



Here is the nice laker taken on the copper.


Sundays take



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