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Bear Creek 9-2-12 am

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: OuttaLine




Date(s): 9-2

Time on Water: 6am-12noon

Weather/Temp: sunny, 70's

Wind Speed/Direction: nil

Waves: flat calm to small chop

Surface Temp: 72

Location: 1-2 miles east and west of Bear Creek Mouth





Total Hits: +/- 10

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: all kings

Hot Lure: 42 sec spoon, NBK, white pearl glow SD and blue hammer fly

Trolling Speed: 2.7sog

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 115-140 fow

Lure Depth: 90-115 on riggers, 200'mag diver 250-300' std diver



Well this day started out like it was gonna be insane. We launched before 6am and water was flat calm...beautiful out really. We had rods set by 6:15 and by 6:30 we were doubled up on the divers. In 115-120 fow...Std dipsy set 250 back with green nuclear SD and green glow fly was ripping out past 550-600 foot of line, when Mag dipsy 180foot back with white pearl glow SD and blue hammer went ripping. So all looked really promising. We dropped the one king that was out 600 foot and landed the other king, a nice 23lb nookie that was my GF's personal record nookie. Over the next hour, the mag diver took one hit and there were 3 hits on the NBK down 90 foot, but landed ZERO. All short hits.....on and gone in 10-15 seconds. We trolled another couple of hours before we had some hits. I did slide out to 160 looking for fish and bait, but it really was all inside 130fow. I finally just kept heading east and west in 125fow marking tons of fish in 90-110 foot of water and kept changing lures. Flasher flies and variety of spoons. Ran a j-plug...all nothing. Managed one 7lb king on the white SD and blue fly....and lost another 1-2 hits on the NBK. Finally threw a 42 second spoon down on the deep rigger and from 10-noon that lure took 3 good rips and GF landed a nice 17-18lb king and then to end the day I hooked into a very frisky 19lb king that fooled me into thinking it was 25+. Ripped line, went deep, ran the surface, ran towards the boat. I babied the fish to try and tire him out....I got him within 15 feet and he ripped another 100 foot off and went down to almost the bottom I have to believe. When he hit the net, I congratulated him, cause he made me work my butt off. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be out there...wish we had landed more, but we were happy! :)



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