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Finders Keepers 8-2-12 Sodus Report

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Well, there's nothing like ending the season with a banner day!! 8) My brother and I went out of Sodus today looking for that 40 pounder, and in that respect came up short. But, we did manage to have a blast! :P

Hit the water at 4:30 and headed a bit west starting over 100 fow in front of Maxwell Creek. The screen was LOADED from 90 to the bottom, so we set our spread of boards/flies on the wires and spoons on the riggers between 85 and 95 ft to start. Things started quiet and while the FF was indicating multiple hooks after multiple hooks on the screen, we couldn't get any to go. However, as soon as the sun broke above the horizon, the rods started to pop! :clap: We worked a stretch about a half-mile eirther side of Boulder Pt from 100-130 fow and found one particular honey hole that gave us a double heading west, swung back through heading east and picked up another, headed back west and tripled up, headed back east and picked up another, then on our next treck west we did a quad!! :o Hits were coming on seasick waddler mags, NK Raspberry Mags, and Yo Momma's Face Mag spoons on the riggers set at 108 and 98 ft, wires at 295 and 495 pulling white/purple spin docs with UV Blue flies, and black/green dots spin doc with green teaser head. Sometime around 9:30 or so we landed a beauty of a brown that tipped our scales to 15 lbs, but we were smoking the fish so good we put it in the box and continued to fish. We ended the day at 2pm with our 31st hit of the day landing a nice 18 lb king. Our total count for the day was 26 for 31. 8)

Pics of the 15.4 lb brown (currently 10th in the LOC) and video to come when I get a chance to download them! 8)

Good luck to everyone heading out tomorrow for the last day of the LOC!! Let's see that 40 lb'er hit the scales!! :clap:



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