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seneca lake labor day morn.

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went out on crazy cove this morning did two qwik trolls north then south about 1/4 mile from dock.... used one of my two new/old victrolas that i got this weekend to replace my stolen one! 8( wind up great i put about 500 foot of old dull bare copper on them as the both had monel.....tied on my usual suttons worked a 22 heavy single hook and a 66 flutter single hammered. marked tonnnns of bait @ bottom and up from bottom about 10 to 12 foot thick in 55-75 f.o.w., lots of big markers in and above the bait balls.... and alot of top 20's out oer 75-90 fow... browns n salmons i take it. no takers tho.....didnt feel to ambitious, clouds looked weird and wind was picking up so i called it a day @ 9 ...goood to be on the water tho for a sunrise...its been about two months... the shallow fall bite is coming cant wait!

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