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OAK - 9/1 Evening, 9/2

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: FISH FX




Date(s): 9/1, 9/2

Time on Water: 6PM-8:PM, 6:30-1:30

Weather/Temp: Nice

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: <2

Surface Temp: 74

Location: East of port





Total Hits: Sat - 6, Sun - 15+

Total Boated:Sat - 2, Sun - 12+

Species Breakdown: Browns, Steel, Kings, Coho, domestic bow

Hot Lure: Spinny/ fly combos

Trolling Speed: 2.7 - 3.4SOG

Down Speed: 2.0 - 2.8

Boat Depth: 75-150

Lure Depth: 60-120

After putting up stands and clearing shooting lanes Saturday, I rushed home, hooked up the boat and met friend Dave and his 10yr old son Zack at the Oak for an evening troll. We headed East out of port toward the flats and set up in 70fow on a N/E troll. We ran two divers at 180 and 200 with spinny/fly combos and 2 riggers at 60 and 70 with BFuller spoons. Our goal was to get Zack into some fish and find a starting point for the next day as we were all fishing together again. The screen looked good in 80-90', but could not get them to go. We had several rips on the dipsies with no one home when we got to the rod. :devil: This seems like that's happened way more than usual this year. After about 1-1/2hrs of disappointment (good screen with streakers and no takers), lure changes, depth changes, speed changes, etc, the starboard rigger down 90 with a BFuller KOS takes a wicked shot and the reel is screaming like it's hooked on bottom - get to the rod, out of the holder, one thousand one, one thousand two.....gone! :@ We get set back up, turn back toward port, and the port dipsy out 220 fires and Zack gets a wack at his first dipsy fish :clap: He does a great job and after a long battle we slide the net under a 25 lb king :yes: A little while later we hooked up with a small steely on the KOS down 80 which would be it for the night. Nice night to be out on the lake! The next morning we were out of the chute at 6:30 headed East again and set up similar to the night before with the addition of a 400 copper down the chute with a green dot spinny/ATOMMIK hammer fly combo. Today my Dad was with us and we all hoped that a "derby fish" would hit the deck. Dave had put a brown trout on the board a week prior and was feeling the addiction of trying to upgrade! We stayed on an East troll from 75 - 90 fow most of the morning and after a slow start, the starboard dipsy fires with a green dot spinny/white glow fly and Dave's hooked up with a nice 20lb king that he and Zack tag-teamed to the net, where we realized that we caught Rudolph the red nosed salmon :o We then continued East with a nice steady pick and had to wake Zack up a couple times to reel in fish :lol: . We were along side of the Yankee Troller boat for awhile and it seemed like they were netting about 3 fish to our 1 and having a great day. When the bite slowed for us, we decided to make a turn and head back West and when we hit 130fow the port rigger out 100' of cable with a carmel dolphin spinny/6" ITO Glow Irish fly takes a wicked shot and is hell bent for canada taking the line counter out to 600+'. We had the port dipsy in after a fish, so time to clear the copper and turn the boat. The big king came to the surface and I could see the spin doctor sideways wrapped up. With the fish up near the top, we didn't bring in the other dipsy - big mistake when we were circling the fish who decides that it's to hot up there for him and takes a dive to cooler water. Needless to say, we didn't staighten the boat out in time and we're wrapped in the wire line :$ Dave grabs the dipsy rod and we carefully bring them in at the same time, with some good boat manuevering by Dad and we slid the net under a nice 29lb king. :yes: We ended up staying out in 120-150fow and caught another brown, domestic bow, couple steelies, more kings, and a beautiful 15lb coho for Zack. Although, we didn't get our derby fish, we had another great day on Lake O with great friends! Here are a few pics - I didn't get that many as we were in C&R mode for the day.

Sat night



Zack with a beautiful coho






Congrats to all LOU'ers who placed in the LOC Derby!


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I think we got close at a point or two on that East troll. Hope we didn't pinch ya inside.

All was good - there was a boat inside of us too and I thought we were all pretty respectful of each other's "space". It's always nice to find fish away from the pack! :yes::yes:


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