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GoPro going through a school of bait fish on Lake Ontario.


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Awesome, thanks for posting this! I have been waiting for a video to show a bait ball. It would be cool to have a split screen showing what was on the FF at the same time. You know how it is, watching your screen and seeing the riggers go right through a huge pile of bait with no hits....makes you start to wonder what's going on down there.


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Someone should incorporate the the downrigger weight into the design so it can do double duty.

Yes that was what I was thinking.

How do these hook on to the downrigger weight. Most devices like temp probes and the Walker strike vision all have 2 eyes. One on the top and bottom. This one and the troll pro only have one eve on the front.

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Is the front of the housing large enough to bolt thru and into the back of a torpedo weight? Take a nice sized torpedo (15lbs.) cut the tail off and drill it out deep and tap it. Using a LONG bolt attach it to the back of a torpedo! now if someone had a way to cast a nut and washer inside of the torpedo that would work great. You would have to make sure and get the balance right but that shouldn't be too hard just cut off little chunks at a time.

*Disclaimer: All rights and patents reserved by Chaston Brightman.* haha

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