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Speed N Temp units

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I am outfitting a 28 ft. Baha and I am contemplating on what unit to buy. I have been using a fishhawk for years and I am disapointed in the quality of the sending units. They always end up leaking. Also, the speed jumps all over the place. I am tossed between the Cannon and the Depth raider.

Thank you,

Steve C.

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I have a Cannon SNT


Light meter good for helping in picking colors

depth meter gives you actual depth of probe

Haven't had any problems with unit


I didn't like how to attach unit to cable.A friend made me a plate to use so I hook it up with out crimping the cable.

135 lb cable I switched to 150 coated cable( I feel safer with a stronger cable)

The speed jumps around more than I would like it to but it's pretty acuret

replacement probe is $400

Depth Raider From what I have been told is a great unit easy to read from the back of the boat probe is smaller and replacement is only $200

I like my SNT but if I lose my probe I will get a Raider.ether one you will enjoy.Good luck

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I had a fish hawk for 5 seasons. Like the digital readout, but it had

a tendency to "cut out" and LOVED 9 volt batteries. Made the change

over to the DR, and absolutely love it. I favored it over the subtroll

due to the smaller probe, smaller dash unit, and the digital readout.

Do yourself a favor and get the DR.


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I've owned both a Fish Hawk and a Depth Raider (and a Moor too!). I currently run the DR. Like John said, there's really no comparison. The DR is the way to go for the reasons he listed.

I've never run the Cannon, but Erbyjoe and Maniac both own one and they seem to like it.

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i went though this this summer and ended up buying a sub troll 900 and love it from what i heard the cannon would be out of the ? plus you can"t beat the price $379.00 and the meter, being like a tach in a car is so easy too read from anywhere in the boat !

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i have the cannon also. This is an amazing unit...the light sensor really helps with picking colors...and the true depth helps with the blow back...i had a fish hawk then switched to the cannon due to the info from some of the guys here...believe me i'll never go back

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I'll add another vote for the Cannon. I also like having the

added features of true depth at the ball, and light intensity.

The monitor is small so it doesn't take up much dash space.

Battery life is good. I think I used 3 last season. The only

problem I have is fishing deep when the coating on the cable

is real beat up. Quick touchups with liquid electrical tape will

help get me thru the season. At the end of the season I will

flip my cable and use the other end for the next season. At

least every 2 years I replace the cable with a new one. I

bought the unit when they first came out and had my share

of problems with it early on. It was eventually replaced and

the new one and has worked great ever since. I did come

up with an alternate connection method for the probe to the

cable that you can see here. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?t=724&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=cannon+speed+temp&start=15.

As Erin said probe replacement is more costly than the others.

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