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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:fast and silver




Date(s):25 trips, june 8th - sept 12th

Time on Water:all mornings except 1 afternoon

Weather/Temp:sunny to rain

Wind Speed/Direction:0 - 20 mph

Waves: 0 - 4 footers

Surface Temp:

Location:sodus once, the rest oswego





Total Hits: 228

Total Boated:147

Species Breakdown:kings-113, steelhead-12, laketrout-9, coho's-8, browns-5

Hot Lure: fished mostly flasher flies

Trolling Speed: 2.5 was the best

Down Speed: same

Boat Depth: all over

Lure Depth: 54 degrees to 42 degrees



====================Had a wonderful year, brown trout numbers were low for us because we only fished them once, just had to much fun with the salmon, and on that note what a great year for the kings out of oswego, i believe we only put 3 or 4 jacks in the boat and all the rest were good size, we put a half dozen 30 pounders in the boat and a crap load over 25 lbs in, best flashers were 8 inch pretty girls, big fatty, chrome with yellow dots, capt valium and the old standby dark green, best flies were big fin glow and the glow hammer, didnt run alot of spoons this year but when we did nothing stood out better than the other, we ran a average of 5.88 fish in the boat per trip and a average of 9.12 hits per outing, hate to put a end to this season but i put a heck of alot more time into hunting and right now i am a little conflicted in what i am doing in my free time so setting stands, and shooting it is, all ready starting tuning the dogs up on some pheasant and chuker hunting, hope everyone has a good winter and hope to see everyone again in the spring in good health and catching those silver fish!!!!!

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