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Last trip of the year at OZ

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: TJ on the Pen Nay





Time on Water:6-8hrs 10am-7:30pm mostly


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves:varied 1-5ft

Surface Temp:72ish

Location:East of Oswego





Total Hits: 29

Total Boated:16+ 1 out of the river

Species Breakdown:Kings and Cohos

Hot Lure:All flies, chrome and green with black eyespot echip and spanish green bibbed fly best but all worked

Trolling Speed:2.0-2.6

Down Speed: don't have one yet

Boat Depth:80-130ft

Lure Depth:55-95ft



Just got back from a trip to Oswego, NY aboard my boat the "Pen Nay". Arrived on Friday at 8:30am and left Tuesday nite at 8pm, just couldn't leave.

Best fishing was on Friday, we had a double and stayed out way too late, good thing I used the GPS to get back to the harbor in the pitch black.

Most of the fish were Kings with an average weight in the mid twenties. Had a couple of slobs that pushed the 30lb mark.

The fish were staging in 70-120 ft of water about 10 ft from the bottom. I used the downriggers and dipsy's out 220 to get em. They're now starting to come up the Salmon and Oswego rivers to spawn.

Smoked a fish on Wed. when I got back....Wow are they tasty.

Sorry for the late report. I think the fish are in the rivers now from what I'm hearing.

Here were the stats:

9/7- 5 for 11

9/8- blown off lake, 50mph winds and 7-12ft waves. Went out in am and turned back in in 5 -7 footers....no fun.

9/9- 2 for 3

9/10- 6 for 9 on the charter

9/11- 3 for 5

All in all we caught 16 from the boat and got 1 in the river. We would have caught more but some people don't like to get up in the morning. We mostly fished the evening bite. Not a bad trip at all.







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