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fished around clayton all last week. stayed at west winds cottages. real nice place with secure docks with power. could live without the 59 steps,though. tried for muskie alot,from blanket island to black ant island to 40 acres and back. again and again. depending on the wind i would troll one way and jig the other. caught a lot of pike that way,nothing huge. on tuesday i saw a muskie boated near whiskey island by trollers. thursday i got a musky to hit a black bondy near blanket island. at the moment of truth with the net in the water i hear"twack" and i'm just standin there with the net in one hand and half a rod in the other.


my wife said"you paid a lot for that rod"to which i replied "not as much as i'm gonna pay for my next one" that incident was a real mojo wrecker;i spent the next two days beatin up on the pike population.


this is a pike honey hole. i know it's blurry but the green circle is marker 227 at clayton yacht club. from 10 to 16 fow within 200 yards of that marker i murdered the northerns there thursday night and friday morning. caught about 25 there including a 38 and a 39. missed and lost just as many. unreal. caught all the pike on a 4"redeye


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great post ol`man...tough luck on your rod.My other plans for blk lake have come and gone with no trip(my partner for chaut.tourneys mom passed and svc`s were that wknd-had to cancel).So i`m heading to cape vincent next friday for the weekend to do some scouting and hopefully boat a musky or two.Mainly gonna be trolling trying out some of mr.toothy`s big baits as well as a few of bakers.Working the breaks around carelton area.Trying to get toothy to go but that`ll be a last minute for him.He`s got some really nice big baits available(10"-20").I`m gonna stik to the muskies and forgo the northerns.


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water was warm,70 by mid day. i don't want to bad mouth the rod maker,i've had that a long time and loved it til then. and my dog bites it now and then,may have cracked it. all the pike were caught on a 4" nickle redeye;the only bait you need to fish for pike.

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