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St.Lawrence trip 9-28,29,30

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Got my my new berts track system installed tonight with downeast salty`s,batteries in and charging,new vmc`s and spro xtra hvy rings on my big baits and i`m ready to hit the road after work tomorrow.Looks like i`m runn`n solo,anyone gonna be up there give me a shout and i`ll let ya know how it`s going where i`m at.Starting off out of cape vincent and working carelton on upinto clayton by sunday.Not sure what station they use up there but i`ll be on it once i know.Working toothy`s,bakers,muskellunch & red octobers.Sorry guys,i could`nt make the MI meeting tonight-too much to get done for this trip.


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ooops...sorry larry just been busy.Weeds were bad in the channel but ok off east end of carelton and channel up thru gull rock and whiskey isl to boarder.Also was good off watch island and rock island reef.Watre temp was 64deg.Ran the snot outta jim`s 14"lex jr and depth demons(very impressed with the action.Got 2 rips between whiskey island and the boarder just before 40acre(did`nt renew my lisc this year).Came as i was coming off a tight turn and just straightened out 90'back 30down at 3mph(gps)hot perch depth demon.These were running on the deep eye down a third of line out!!lex jr runs 20+ down at 70'out.I beat these things into shoals and they still ran with only minor wear to the lips.They are tough!I fully expected them to be tore up.Not being familiar with that water at the narrows i would run in 40-60'and windup into 20fow just as fast.That ofcourse before i got the feel of the area.Got a few nice pike off eastend carelton on musky rockets in foil perch and purple foil in bright sun.Marked a couple fish on bottom in 40fow northside of carelton.Windy and wet the rest of the wknd but great to out there.Spent sunday from rock island reef to round island marking on botton and some bait in front of the channel to the south.Launched that day outta fishers landing.

Met my aunt & uncle at the legion in cape vincent friday for a fishfry after returning to the caps public launch.Then stayed @ ceder point and had a hell of a time getting my boat off the trailer due to low water.That was some skinny water but gott`r in by hitting my brakes a few times to get off the trailer.Also took a tumble off my boat loading it up sunday,foot slipped off bow while climbing up and landed on the gunnel before flopping to the ground...still a little bruised.

Anyhow that was `bout it...learned a little more and i`ll be back up in a couple wks for few days.

Ps....i will starting and auction on ebay in a few days to generate some cash flow for our MI chapter.i`ve got a couple gloomis signs donated by john biro to get us started.These are discontinued tin signs brand new with plastic still on them that read g.loomis muskie series rods


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