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Keuka 9/27/12

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Left Horseheads @ 5AM, @ Keuka State Park, rigged, and unloading boat into water @ 6:20AM.................after 20 minutes of trying to get bow of boat back on a floating trailer, my partner now has the job of remembering to take off the stern straps :o:$ ...........remember this is my first year 8) "Blue Bird" day today with a lake of glass, and MANY MANY but small to middling lakers willing to play "catch" :yes: , same FF screens that were evident last week were still there this week, 120 - 150' FOW, top to bottom fish arcs, 40' to the basement :yes: EVERYTHING caught a fish, down riggers w/ spoons, rotten veggies, Rapala's, & the usual Spin Doctors, Glo Frog Racer / Green Dolphin on chrome, w/ Reel Hooked Up and Lap Dance Xtreme Glo flies..............WOULD HAVE been a GREAT day for jigging !...........had I brought them :( On the trailer & heading home @ 11:36......"fishless"....Frank kept tossing 18-20" fish back thinking we would get "bigger" :wondering: Come October 1ST w/ the new 5 fish limit, these things become "perch fillets" to me :P .............NO ties were worn today :rofl:

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2 of us hit Keuka jigging yesterday also. Checked out the very north end (Branchport) early. Not much there. Last year starting in early October the bait, then the LT moved into the shallower water (65-90 fow) at the north end. In the month of October boated anywhere from 12 to 26 LT on 5 trips. LT not there yet though. Moved to tip of the bluff. Boated 11 LT between 9:30 and noon (90-130 fow). Very little wind and a beautiful day. Leaves just starting to change. Can not beat Keuka in October (mighty tasty fish biting, leaves showing all kinds of color, mostly fishermen on the lake, life is good). Normal white ice tube with treble hook adaptation did the damage. All 6 fish gutted were females with eggs. Add me on to the list of guys not unstrapping the back of the boat before launching.

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