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youth hunt results


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One of our neighbors, Ryan, a young man of 14 shot his first deer on Sunday evening, harvesting a nice 6 point. His Dad is having a european mount done for him.

Nice job Ryan!

Sorry, no picture yet.

That was the only shot heard during the entire 3 day youth season. Other than Ryan's shot, it was uneventful around our house. I was surprise that i didn't hear more shots fired, deer hunting is a big event in our town.

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My son (14) shot his first deer sunday evening! Nice doe with no fawns. He passed on 9 other doe due to the fact that he didnt want to shoot the ones with the fawns! His choice. I have TONS of respect for my son after hearing him say that. I was a little nervous because I wasnt sure we would find a single one. We saw over 30 deer in 2 evenings of sitting. A friends son harvested a 5 pt. on "opening" morning also.

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