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Baitfish Regulations.


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Looking at the baitfish regs. on the DEC site I am wondering if it is legal to net Gizzard shad on Oneida Lake and use them for bait only there on that body of water fishing shallows at night with a lighted float. Never transporting them from the lake of course. Is this legal? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance, Coup

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Almost positive it's legal as long as, like you said, your not transporting them and they are caught in the body of water you are fishing if you want to be sure though...585-226-5380 give the fisheries dept. a call that way you can hear it from the horses mouth.


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From what I read the net size is no larger than 10'. Going to call to be safe and I will let ya know the response. Lots of the bait stores are closed by the time I drive hour and a half to get there to fish the evening and meet my brother from Albany which drives the same. I can see me taking a swim trying to use this thing. Better practice once I find it's legal.


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