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ITO Flies

Biggest Problems for Great Lakes Fisherman????

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Hope it's realized that these are "first world problems"......

-We are loosing too many young fishermen other interests.........

- The trimming of State funds that support the DEC, who support us.........

- (agreed) - Invasives........

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[ In Texas, it's just target practice.



Toxic chemicals, invasives and phosphorous - excess nuterients

An interesting read from Great Lakes Echo

http://greatlakesecho.org/2012/10/12/in ... our-voice/

And it (Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement) impacts you if you drink Great Lakes water, visit the beaches and other near shore areas and fish, swim or rely on the lakes for commerce. That’s about 30 million of us. Make that 40 million including our neighbors in Canada.

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The right players are on the committee.............confidence they will improve....... :yes::yes::yes:


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