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Canandaigua 10/7/2012

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I had tcon Tom and Skipper 19 aka Mark along for an outing Sunday morning. We fished the west side from Menteth Point to Onanda Park. Worked depths from 90-225. We had a good screen from time to time but the bite just wasn't on in the morning. We managed 3 small lakers (18"-20") 2 came off the 300' copper with green revelator and reel hooked up fly the other on a diver rod. We fished from 6:45 to 12:15. We had lots of fun talking & telling stories. I keep finding more fisherman that play guitar, so next time I am bringing Liam's little $25 guitar and my mandolin for those lulls in the action. I told Tom and Mark that if all my coffee's gone and I am swabbing the deck that is not a good sign. We will get them next time.

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Had a great time as usual like Pete has said, the fishing always seems to become second when your fishing with friends. I'll try and add some pics tonight. Glad you were able to make it Mark it was definitely a banner day on Canandaigua with the fall colors so pretty!


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Some pictures from the trip..



The remax balloon came down touched the water and took back off...pretty cool.


Some fall colors




Who needs fish when you have good company! :yes:


One more shot of the southern Canandaigua hills and valleys.


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upload photo

Good times my friends!..nice comfy boat there Mike. Hey instead of swabbing the deck next time, we are going to rock out :rock: man!...power inverted amps, mandolin, guitars, ..man we could do up a concert on the lake during the lull.

Here is a pic of the rich life...and some great colors too!


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