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waneta tourney-10-13-12

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Thanks to jim & Ed for a great day on the water.Well run-well executed.They kept busy all day running and measuring fish right to the very end(good job ronnix & brad..congrats-i`ll let them tell that story!!).Although we wiffed(maybe it was that banna my new partner had brought on board???lol) we still had a great time from beggining to end.They put on a nice get together on the shores of the lake at a private cottage with raffles and a cookout.I look forward to the next one and maybe you guys will consider one or two more throughout the season.

Good job by all in putting this together-and congrats to mike,brad & chad for finishing on top @ the end of the day

thanks Jim-Ed :clap:

Bob S

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Ed just emailed out a bunch of pics of all the fish, when I get home from class ill try and get a detailed report up if prowler-master chad or pickerel joe don't beat me to it!

Saturday was an absolute great time! Great seeing all you guys and whether I had caught fish or not I still had a blast fishing with everyone!

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Had a FANTASTIC time at the Mark Troy Waneta tournament this past weekend and it was great getting to see everyone there! This was our first time fishing this tournament and I really loved the format – a big credit to both Jim Renolds (Mr. Toothy/President of NY Musky Inc) and Ed Cragg (Reel Rippin Charters) for orchestrating such a fantastic event! You guys worked really hard running around on that judge boat all day and your efforts made this tournament just awesome!!

Morning started of FREEZING!! Had ice building up in the eye-lids of my casting rods needing clearing after every 5-10 casts. Joe had his entire reel freeze up and break on him……. This is actually good news for Joe cause he has been looking for an excuse to buy a new reel and now he officially has one.

Took about 10 minutes to hook into our first fish and it was a nice one judging by the amount of water it was moving thrashing on the surface. We lost that one and then proceeded to lose the next one and the one after that…… it was a good/bad first 30 minutes of the tournament. We finally got one in the boat after that – mid 30’s fish. The bite was pretty consistent for us the rest of the day. We ended up boating 4 fish and lost more than our fair share including two that I think were good fish. Our biggest for the day ended up being 39.5†- good enough for 3rd place…… actually good enough for 1st place until 12 minutes left in the tournament…….. CONGRATS MIKE!!! and good enough for 2nd place until 1 minute left in the tournament….. CONGRATS BRAD!!. Lunge Prowlers, Leos, Newmans and Hellhounds were all taking hits for us.


Mike's winning 44.5" fish


Brad's second place 41" fish


Chad's third place 39.5" fish


Joe's fish


Make up your own caption for this picture :lol::lol::lol:

On a side note, I LOVED the trophies that Mr. Toothy created for tournament placers. I loved it way more than my wife does and we are still debating on if it gets to take the top mantel spot or gets pushed out into the garage. In all, had a great time and looking forward to participating again next year!

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Beautiful fish! Congrats!

Looks like all had a great day on the water.

I have never fished Waneta/Lamoka.

To me Waneta looks to be much like Silver lake, a big elongated bathtub shape.

Of course there must be much more to meet the eye if you're actually there reading the screen as you troll, make a few passes and learn the lake.

Lamoka looks like a caster's dream come true.

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