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My son and his first buck! 10/13/2012 added video link.

Gene Shenk

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Well my son Cam made a great shot on his first deer and it was a buck with a bow! He is 12 years old and an awesome son we had a geat time time this weekend. Thanks goes out to Phil Race at Indian Mountain Archery for setting Cam up with awesome gear!!


The autopsy shows the poor deer died of a heart attck !! Great shot and a fun stress free recovery!!


Here is the after shot interview and recovery of Cam's deer.

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Great job Cam. You are forever hooked on bow hunting now. What a shot. I experienced my 12 year olds first buck on opening morning. I know u are a proud Dad right now as u should be. This a memory neither of u will ever forget

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Great job on the buck. like the heart pic perfect.

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Great stuff - congrats to both of you! :yes::yes: It's an awesome feeling as a parent when your child carries on a family tradition like hunting and fishing with such enthusiasm.


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