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muskies inc benefit sale

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Just to let everyone know i`m gonna be starting an ebay sale of musky related items to help out our newly formed chapter of muskies inc.All proceeds for those auctions being listed as a fundraiser for mi will be given to our chapter.I have a couple G Loomis tin sings that are discontinued new condition with plastic cover still attached that were donated by john biro while we were talking about mr.toothy`s baits.He wanted to lend a hand to our club.Unfortunately i have`nt been able to contact him as of late so i hope all is well.These signs are 12"wx9 1/4h.They are very nice!!

This item will start tomorrow evening and possibly a few lures as well if i get pics taken.

So take a look and do a little bidding if ya can.


Bob S


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Other items up are a 5pc lot of 8"believers/swim whizzs.3 are new.2pc 8"muskellunch(1new) and a walleye legend outcast.More soon to come.


Legend outcast musky/muskie/p​ike baits-NYS chapter 69 fundraiser

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Legend-outcast- ... 3ccbaa3048

2-8"muskellunc​h musky/muskie/p​ike baits-NYS chapter 69 fundraiser

http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-8-muskellunch ... 3ccbaa33aa

5pc lot 8"believers-sw​im whizz-NYS chapter 69 fundraiser

http://www.ebay.com/itm/5pc-lot-8-belie ... 3ccbaa2316

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:clap: awesome Bob. The club will really benefit from the funding help!

He is too modest, but it should be noted that in addition to putting up his own, Bob bought some of these lures out of his own pocket for the sole purpose of putting them up on the auction. Bravo!

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