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How to tie the Palomar Knot and more.


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I have been learning some knots. I have always used the improved fishermans knot. I can tie it in the dark. I have been learning the polomar knot..I have also tied my 30lb big game to 18lb fluorocarbon leaders using the Albright knot. I have to rig up my wire rod for my dipsey. So I will basically tie direct to the dipsey using a wireline knot I guess.??

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Yes. Make a loop about 3", pass it through the eye of your swivel, then put swivel through loop and pull tight while holding the tag end and main line, then tie an overhand knot about 1" above swivel. Fish doctor has it on his website. Palomar is a great knot, especially for braid

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Those are my two knots now. The wireline knot for my dipsey wire. polomar knot for connecting to all terminal tackle on mono and flourocarbod..oh, and albright knot for connecting leaders etc.

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