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Kicker Questions for a Penn Yan Torrent

Jon Dubbelde

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I am preparing to purchase and install a 9.9 Yamaha kicker motor on my 21 ft Penn Yan Torrent (similar model to an Outrage, but a soft top) with merc I/O. I am also planning on using a Marine Tech mounting plate to be able to lift the motor out of the water. If all goes well I'd like to add a Trollmaster throttle control too.

I could use some advice please.

Does anyone have any experience with determining the proper size kicker length (extended shaft or regular)?

Does the kicker prop need to be below the boat? And how far?

Also any general advice on installing a kicker on a Penn Yan?

Any pointers on installing the Trollmaster?

Thanks for the help.


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Long shaft is the way to go with kicker. Trollmaster pretty easy install on a 9.9 Yamaha. Trollmaster provides pretty clear instructions-toughest thing was bending the supplied wire that actuates the carb. One other comment I would make is the Trollmaster box is not water proof so it needs to be stored out of the weather. I have a Trollmaster 2 on a Yamaha and it works fine.

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Personally, I didn't want to lift/drop the kicker 3-5 times a day. I installed the basic Panther bracket and added their 4' extension. Mercury 9.9 long shaft kicker with electric trim/electric start/tiller model. Mounted on PennYan Outrage 225 so cavitation plate was just below hull. When motor was raised it was well out of the water.

I preferred the ControlKing throttle since it has a rotary dial vs the digital electronics on Trollmaster. (less reported problems) Very simple 15 minute install. 2+ yrs no problems.

If budget allows - look into the Panther T4 remote steering. Best money I spent. I also got the remote fob for basically "hands free" steering. My Panther T4 was swapped from my prior boat - 6 yrs old and no problems.

Good luck rigging your boat


PS: it's off the topic but I just sold my Outrage 225. I now have a stainless steel prop for sale - 15pitch x 15.5" diameter DRAMATIC improvement in overall boat performance vs 17pitch 14.5 diameter original prop

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