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Well November is starting out good for me . Got in the stand about 7 this morning .dragged some estrous scent on the way in . I was siting in the stand when I noticed four deer coming my way . They milled around for the next 30 minutes or so .They appeared to all be fawns . Finally they bedded down just out of bow range. I was just about to set down when I heard a twig snap behind me . I turned around and saw a doe at about 15yds . She had her tail straight out behind her . I look behind her and this mature buck stood about five yds behind her . So I look at him quickly and decide He would be a good one to take . I settle my pin on him and released the arrow . It took him a little high through the shoulder . As he was crashing away through the brush there is another Buck coming in from a different direction . He was a small 6pt . So Iwait the customarily 30 minutes to climb down . Good blood trail of about a 100yds and I get to lay hands on this Unique trophy . Went and got help from My cousin to pull him out of the woods . DSC00007-Copy.jpg



Get out there boys they are chasing ! .this is just across the state line south of Whitesville ny

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Shot an 11 pt similar to that one year at the 11th hour of the shotgun season here one year.

9 doe fed their way thru, and had an unfilled doe tag, but it was coooooooold, and did not feel like going thru the motions.

He came out of the tractor road they had come from, and had his nose in their tracks.

Glad I didn't drop the hammer on them.

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