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Keuka Keuka 11/11/12, carnage pics included

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Anyhow left Horseheads @ 5:15AM, was @ Keuka State Park boat launch @ 6:15/20ish, and rigged up the boat among 1/2 dozen plus bass boats, WE were first in ;) , as we set up for our pass at the 2 story cottages on East side, the bass tournament officially started :o , now I understand that Keuka isn't that large of a lake, but I think courtesy of fellow fisherman :@ ..............been said before.............I digress. They were calling for South winds @ 11MPH, it was ALL of that at start

Of course this time I brought jigs, but alas bow electronics, motor & another fish finder won't happen till next April, & the "drift" was too fast


The lake eventually had white caps on it when the Sun did break through but they could have been from the numerous bass boats zooming ALL over the place...............
We did bring home 9 standard Keuka Lake size lakers, 18+ "'s, released easily that amount that were smaller, & had 4/5 empty releases/unofficial catch & release half way ins 8)


All our fish were caught mostly in 135, 142, 165 FOW zone(s) East side, West side, crossing the lake on magnum Dipsey Divers, set on a #2 setting, 60', 300', 350' back dragging the usual glow frog yellow racer Spin Doctor being chased by a Reel-Hooked Up fly, and a green dolphin on chrome Spin Doctor being chased by a XXXstreme glow Lap Dance fly......downriggers didn't join in on the fun


mostly just because I wish I bought more Dipsey rods.............just saying............that & my partner Frank Rosplock, who I have nick named "O'neill" since November 1ST 8)


has a tendency to "lasso" port, starboard, and everything in the middle when he is driving...........and the fact that the wire rods kept us busy enough :yes::beer:

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Interesting you didnt get anything on riggers. i usually catch almost all my fish there on riggers because i dont want to reel in 300' of wire for those Keuka size lakers. let the electric riggers do the work.

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nice report Marty . I plan on getting two more diver rods for next season too . going to run four diver rods and two rigger rods . I really started doing well with the divers this year after about June . Still learning things each time out plus from other reports on this site . Keep the reports coming

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