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2 color lead core reels


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Glen are you putting them together browns? I run just Tue okuma mages pros 45 with braid backing on a ugly stick medium action rod. I even pull inline church boards with them. Work great. I imagine the convector would be a step nicer but magdas are good for their price.. I even have a daiwa 47 with one setup...


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Glen you can get away with 2-3 colors on 27 size Daiwas. I usually take my mono BT set-ups and strip off some line to fit 2-3 colors on there once we get to Wilson.


We just peel line off and top shot the core. I do leave a bunch of reels set up with core and switch them out for mon reels when the fish go deeper and I want to run them of the riggers. have also run the core off the riggers to get closer to structure without risking the loss of a weight.


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2 colors on Daiwa 47Hs with 20 lb. Big Game mono for backing (very strong, resilient, tough exterior for abrasion resistence) and a short 5 ft. 10-17 lb test flurocarbon leader with solid ring ball bearing swivel at the end. I run them off downriggers as SWR in late Spring and Summer and by themselves in the early Spring and Fall.

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