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My 2012 Archery buck

Gene Shenk

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Well he is not the biggest buck I have seen this year but I am very happy with him. I have not shot a buck with my bow in a few years, mostly watching little ones walk by within in range and Monsters not cooperating as usual LOL! There must have been a hot doe on the block yesterday 11/13 because there were bucks running everywhere and this guy chased of a smaller one and gave me a nice 22 yard shot. He took one through the right lung and top of the heart for a stress free 50 yard recovery!!


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Nice Buck!

Is this one a Byron/Bergen dandy. We've got some great genetics, and like you have been passing on small bucks to score on something nicer. But, like you said, the big boys are hard to get to cooperate.

Way to wait to them out!!


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