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Successful MN hunt


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I took a trip out to Duluth Minnesota last week to connect with some folks I work with remotely on a daily basis and to see some friends. Thought I would take advantage of the first week of gun season and burn a day of vacation while I was there. Knowing I only had 1 day to hunt I was going to make the most of it and sit all day in hopes of seeing a nice buck. Saw a doe around 8am and after that it was dead. I had shot a decent 8pt in the same location last year so I had high hopes of seeing another buck. 1pm hit and this buck hit the same opening as the one last year. I shot him with my 7mag and dropped him in his tracks. The cool part was it was the same opening I had shot the deer the previous year. It was great to be able to connect on a nice buck with a small window to hunt and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Hopefully I can get a shot at another one this weekend! Good luck to everyone on opener! I'm looking forward to reading some great stories.


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