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Cayuga Cayuga tribs conditions


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Just wondering if anyone has been on any of the tribs after Sanday and what the conditions are like. Read in another post that there wasn't a whole lot going on as of the end of October. Hoping that has changed. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Yeah I stopped and checked yesterday, water was low and clear, didn't see any fish. Did see one redd in a tailout but that was it.

Did find some nice browns crammed into a very small trib on another nearby lake, but this is a trib with about 150 yards to the first impassible falls and is entirely on private property with no access (except for me!) I didn't fish for the obviously spawning and extremely vulnerable browns. I could have pretty much netted them if I wanted. It was cool to watch the fish doing their thing. There were probably 10 mature fish in the 4-8lb range on reds with many smaller browns there for the party as well.

Not sure when/if the browns/salmon will run on Cayuga.?.?.

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They won't if it doesn't rain. Doesn't look good either. The last time it rained fish were in digging redds and were gone the next day. Levels are just too low to keep them in.

Pretty cool to watch them, chasing and splashing in 8" of water sometimes.

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