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our season soo far.


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my dad got a really nice 8 point with an inside spread of 18 inches! best bow buck he has actually killed!


and my gf got her best buck yet saturday after a few close calls with the bow she wasnt able to seal the deal. but got it done with a nice 8 on opening day with the muzzleloader at 200yds.

and my cousin got a nice 8 opening morning as well with his muzzleloader 75yd shot.

and monday night i shot a nice 9 pointer with the end of his main beam broken off a brow broken off and part of his g2 broken off!



now waiting till muzzleloader when i get to use my next tag.. so maybe get some fishing in till then!

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Congrats, That sure makes for a Great start to the season.

You may need another Venison Freezer or one if the fishing gets crazy good for fillets !


Rebel Charters

PS: i recognize your Dad, He has fished the Lake for many years.

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Yes it is deffinitely a family thing and helps bring us all together between the fishing and hunting seasons!

Jerry, yepp him and my uncle (rodmaster) have been out there a-long time! they have definitely help teach me how to fish the lake! Still take my uncle up on any chance i can to get out with him!

thanks vinny!

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yea we definitely have a few big boys around! I have been after an 8 that should go in the 140's he has long beams and 10-11" g'2s and 11-12 inch g'3s awesome looking 8, had him within bow range 3 times but couldn't get a good shot! and seen another 8 that would go in the high 120-s to 130s that is really wide! and a couple nice 2.5 year old 10's that should be dandys next year! and tons of small bucks around!

i have been trying to get one at least p and y, but this last 9 point just looked like a nice buck and after not getting the job done with the bow i got a little trigger happy! and my cousins buck got hit by a car and had a broken back leg and was missing a lot of hair, so he put that one down!

im hoping to stay out of my good spots till muzzle loader season. and hope the big 8 im after shows up and survives till then, unless my dad gets a shot at him that would be even better to see him harvest him!

Last year the buck i was after was a double drop tine buck main frame 10 with a couple stickers but was never able to harvest him 3 other guys saw him, one guy a few times but he was ooollllddd and smart and he knew when something wasn't right, but they all think he would go in the 180-190s he was a pig! but no one got him that we know, and he hasn't show himself this year which sucks thinking someone got him and we didn't hear about it. would of loved to see him dead and score him at least! we looked super hard this past spring to try and find his sheds but to no luck found some other nice sheds but not his and the land covers over 600 acres so he has a LOT of room to go hide especially close to a non hunting area past one side of the property which we believe once he smells people on the land he stays in his little safe house lol

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Good for you then . with that much land and a safty zone (EVERYONE WHO HAS LAND SHOULD HAVE ONE) yer doing it all right .

Plus them are some serious smiles from the results of their hunt..plus some good eating.

Good luck on the big boy ,saw bucks running does yesterday ,tho i could of filled the doe tags 10x over im waiting for the coyotes ,3 bear are in their too.The big guys are burning the midnite oil now but a few more days with cold weather the need to feed and a second heat starting their gonna slip up for muzzy season.. I'ma (all of us) waiting fer your big smile standing over a pile of bone. opps its time to get goiung for black friday.................to my treestand

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