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Cayuga Cayuga 12-1

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Headed out for a solo run today. I was on the water by 7 fished for about 3-1/2 hours. Caught 2 small Lakers and 5 small Landlocks. Lakers were both caught on 20 lb wire dipsey 220 back with a Green glow crush SD and a green fly over 250ft. Landlocks came on flatlined small Williams wablers and a blue dolphin scorpion spoon run off 200 ft of copper. If I could have controlled the boat a better I probably could have caught a bunch more but it was really pretty rough out there.

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More power to ya for for having the kahunas to brave it ! :>) My boat is all put away and I'm having withdrawal already and Spring is still months away....I sure hope ice fishing happens this year :>)

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