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crazy deer!


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This is called "polymelia" and it can happen in humans and animals. It's probably a result of a conjoined twin when the deer was in the womb. It's sort of like a siamese twin that we see in humans, but in this case only the extra legs grew in a mutated form. I've heard of this in cattle and dogs, but never seen a picture of a deer with an extra appendage like this one. I must say, it is gross but really cool at the same time.

As always, I'm always skeptical of this being a local kill (my guess is this picture is all over the Internet) but either way it's got to be extremely rare (my guess is many animals with this would die very young b/c of infection risk, neurological problems, etc.) and most animals would succumb to coyotes or other predators b/c the extra growth would slow it down.

Thanks for sharing - what a fascinating picture,

- Chris

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I wonder if the legs were functional. Those extra legs could be used to keep flies or coyotes off it's back. Two extra tarsal glands means EXTRA stinky. Interesting to see how long the hooves grow without wear and tear. Hope someone has the story behind the deer.

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i don't have a biomedical background, but i think i would have let that deer pass on by (i shoot only what i know i'll eat).

It is likely perfectly safe to eat but nonetheless, i doubt i would have shot that freak! (i prefer my deer with 4 legs)



Six legs is more meat than four, besides,this would be really fast food.

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