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Rod Holders and system for boat with thin mounting rail???


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Need help in finding a few different systems to look into over the winter. I am looking for some good rod holders to use on Ontario. My boat is a 06' 19 triton. The rail is only 1 1/2" wide. So most of the systems that need roughly a 4" rail aren't going to do me any good. I want something that a 25lb kind isn't going to rip off the boat. I bought some loc tite metal ones that clamp on the side of the boat with that c-clamp like fitting. The shifted just trolling so I put a screw in the end of them for more stability. After that I took some nice fish but still don't like them. I want the tube style that can shift positions really. Any help to find a good system would be awesome. Pics of setups with small rails like I have would be great too.

Thanks in advance


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Just a thought, Ducks.

Ever consider having some almost triangular plates made-up for you that could be bolted to the sides just under the top rail? Make the top of that plate large enough to accomodate the base plates of the rod holders you choose to use. If it is 6 inches square, you would be able to mount anything, and if made from aluminum or stainless would look good and hold up to weather. Any metal fabricator could make them for you.

Another option might be to use something similar and create a 6 in. wide gunnell of wood or metal along each side for 1/2 the boat length on each side. This would be strong enough and allow you to place the holders wherever and could even support riggers.

The bolt holes would be well above the water line and cause minimal damage to the boat. $200 should do it. Or trade the boat in and get a LUND.

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You can add a rail to your gunnel then add just about any rail mount system you want. I run Cisco's with a quick disconnect system on my 21ft Ranger. Cisco are by far the best rod holder on the market period, infinite adjust ability and lifetime warranty.

http://www.cabelas.com/boating-hardware ... ls-2.shtml

http://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/s ... ounts-5208

They have both tubes and cradles you can get the rail mounts in doubles, singles or triples.

I have a ton more pics let me know what you want to to see or what you want to know. Your triton may be similar to my Ranger.

Here is my setup



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