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2 film from Denmark ...


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Hey boys

I just want to show 2 movies from the largest and second largest competition in Scandinavia.

First Simrishamn in Sweden 2011 (second biggest)

Full movie is 3 hours.

So Trolling Master Bornholm 2012 in Denmark (The biggest)

Full movie is 45 min.

Enjoy the movies from the other side of the planet 8)
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Maleren.... Those Atlantics look just like the landlocks we catch in the Finger lakes....only WAY BIGGER :o !! In Lake Ontario, the kings reign supreme. But in the last few years, more and more bigger Atlantics R being caught, thanks to many years of effort by New York State and the province of Ontario. And the ones out of the Big O are fat and look like big fat Brown trout....pushing over 20lbs. Thanks for the videos :yes:

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