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Best kicker bracket?


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The Garelick does have a problem that you should be aware of.

When lowering the outboard,it also goes farther back behind the boat. In quiet water that does not matter,but when it gets a bit snotty, you will find that the waves will make it go in and out of the water causing the engine to race while no water gets into the water pump. This means that you must place your bracket below the specs given in the instruction manual.

If you decide to buy a second hand garelick give me a shout and I will send you the manual.

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If you're going to make your own...Klein steel has an outlet store on Lyell Ave near Mt Read. They sell metal left over from bigger jobs & sell aluminum. I picked up some 1/2" aluminum plate real cheap and made my own. (Aluminum cuts real easy) Hank'll tell you "it'll probably support a 40 hp." :)

Tom B.


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I just went through this decision-making process and decided on a bracket that will also allow me to steer remotely. I have not yet tested it out, but I did contact people out west (company is in UT, so that is where most of their customers are), including a dealer who has been installing these for a long time. Everyone seems to love it, so I think it might be worth considering:



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