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sring on the bar

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How about 15-40 fish days are the norm, with many doubles and triples common. I had the fish hammering a Howitzer rig 30 feet from the boat on a wire dipsey. I am looking forward to my trip also, May can not get here soon enough.


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Tons of lakers. Spoons , stickbaits, fly & flashers all take fish. If its to rough in the lake you can fish the river. You will need a canadian lis. if you cross the line. Read the reports, There is a Canadian site Spoonpullers.com that has a lot of good info in the spring time. They will be hitting kings of the weland canel before they come around the corner to the bar. The bar isn't that far from the canel anyway. Fourmile campground statepark is a good spot to camp. There will be lots of guys fishing staying there. Its a good time. The wind blows it will be cold calm seas it will be shorts the tee shirts. From my old motorcycle days its better to take it off than wish you had it. Extra clothes that is. :lol:

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