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2013 5 Annual A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Final Results

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Congrats to Big Fin Gene, Sea Devil Brian Castle, Jason and Casey "Grey Goose" Prisco


3 ports, all species included and 3 different months to fish


Over 150 total teams participate in all events combined


1-Sea Devil/Big Fin 375.55 $1150

2-Cannonball Runner 358.25 $750

3-All Out-DA 346.25 $375

4-Cold Steel 323.25 $325

5-Thinkin’Big 315.70 $300

6-Breaktime 315.40 $250

7-Team Buffa 311.80 $200

8-5 More Minutes 297.05 $175

9-Time Fly’s 286.50 $100

10-On the Lam 282.25 $75

11-Seaducktion 281.85

12-Knot Right 281.55

13-Thunderstruck 278.95

14-Lake Raker 272.20

15-Fish Nutz 271.30

16-Horsin’Around 269.90

17- Popeye Charters 262.40

18-Trouble Shooters 253.80

19-Gotta Bite/Jolly Roger 243.25

20-Praying Mantis 241.20

21-Second Nature 231.50

22-Good Times III 218.45

23-Misfit 213.05

24-A-TOM-MIK 211.15

25-High Adventure 194.20 

26-Rockwood 180.85

27-Hot Wires 158.10

28-Blue Eyed Lady 131

29-Afishscent 120.50

30-Finders Keepers 102.05

31-So Saarie 83.70

32-Smashmouth 78.60

33-Lucky Enuff 46.7

34-Broad Horizons 46

35-Hotline 30.10

36-Hot Pursuit II 30

36-Hot Rod 30

36-Iron Man 30

37-Seadawgs 20


39 Teams paid an additional $100/team on top of all entry fees/per event (x3) etc. we paid out $3700 of that (minus administrative fees, pay pal)

We paid out cash  $$$$$$$$$


Please consider entry in 2014




Thanks to all sponsors and event coordinators from each venue as well as additional helpers and volunteers


See you in 2014





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Are points of triple crown based on 2 out of 3 or if you compete in all 3 tournaments they will all add up together?

Its the best out of any 2 of the 3 events

You also get an additional 10 points just for fishing each event

If you do choose to fish all 3 you will get an additional 30 points

But you can only use 2 events points


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List of teams for the Over-All Triple Crown only


(Please remember you still need to sign up for each event)

3-Trouble Shooters
4-On the Lam
5-Hot Wires
8-Lucky Enuff
10-Iron Man
13-Praying Mantis
14-Thunder Struck
15-All Out/DA
16-Knot Right
17-Blue Eyed Lady
18-Finders Keepers
19-Thinkin Big
20-Good Times Sportfishing
21-Horsin' Around
22-Popeye Charters
23-Hot Pursuit Two
24-Second Nature
25-Gotta Bite/Jolly Roger
26-Team Buffa
28-Cold Steel

29-Lake Raker

30-5 More Minutes


32-Cannonball Runner

33-So Saarie

34-Time Fly's

35-Hot Rod

36-Broad Horizons

37-Sea Devil

38-High Adventure

39-Fish Nutz

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Thanks to all who came out, some great catches by some and some struggled, hope everyone had a great time and see you at the LSRC


More on event here




2013 Triple Crown Standings

1st Sea Devil 150.15
2nd Seaducktion 139.55
3rd Fish Nutz 133.15
4th Thinkin’ Big 125.15
5th 5 More Minutes 124.60
6th Knot Right 118.35
7th Cold Steel 116.50
8th Lake Raker 115.95
9th On the Lam 109.90
10th Horsin’ Around 104.35 
11th Cannonball Runner 104.15
11th Team Buffa 104.15
12th Afishscent 100.50 
13th Praying Mantis 98.9
14th Thunder Struck 98.7
15th Hot Wires 97.2
16th All Out-DA 93.7
17th Good Times Sportfishing 89.15
18th Breaktime 88.9
19th Gotta Bite/Jolly Roger 86.45
20th Finders Keepers 82.05
21st Rockwood 80.65
22nd Time Fly’s 72.25
23rd Trouble Shooters 65.05
24th Smashmouth 58.6
25th Second Nature 57.55
26th Lucky Enuff 46.7
27th Popeye Charters 43.4
28th Broad Horizons 36
29th So Saarie 35.1
30th Hotline 30.1
31st A-TOM-MIK 10
31st Blue Eyed Lady 10
31st High Adventure 10
31st Hot Pursuit Two 10
31st Hot Rod 10
31st Iron man 10
31st Misfit 10
31st Seadawgs 10



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A few images from the 2013 Atommik Challenge


Team Sea Devil Winners

Trout 1/Fish Chopper (6th Place)

Tony Chatt (Team 5 More Minutes) 18.1 Brown (5th Place)

Finders Keepers

Thinkin' Big (4th Place)

Seaducktion (2nd Place)







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