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Kicker bracket


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That is a sweet looking bracket, did you have to modify your swim platform to accomodate the kicker bracket or did you have the room, I Will have to either remove my swim platform or some how shorten it to make room for the bracket, maybe someone on here has an idea, I would like to keep it it's where I keep my cooler, since I have a engine cover in the back, a cooler would really cram me for space, unless I put in the cuddy, That seems like it would be a PI :wondering: TA.

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The boat came with a 3/4 swim platform. It's made for a kicker. The Garelick bracket is spring loaded so lifting the motor is easy. I use the fishwells in the floor instaed of carrying a cooler. We fill used water bottles and freeze them then just put them in the fishwells. Works pretty good.


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