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Trolling Spoon Blanks

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I have a bunch of spoon blanks to sell. The narrower spoon on the left in the picture is 3.25 inches long and silver plated. I also have this same spoon in 2 5/8 in silver plated...I will sell them for $20 per 50 spoons or $30 for 100 spoons. It will be $5 for shipping but I can fit alot into a small flat rate box so combine an order with friends and save shipping. As for the wider spoon on the right it is nickel plated and i will sell them for $20 per 100 plus shipping. Local pickup in Auburn NY is an option also. I have other painted blanks that I'll list as soon as I have time Thanks

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The larger spoon is 3.4 inches long and .018 thick it is 1.1 inches at its widest point and is a light weight flutter spoon. It has a nice wobble when trolled anywhere from 1.5 to 2.2 mph. It is just a shade thicker than an evil eye lure if you are familiar with them. I also have them smooth with white on the front and a nickel back. hope this helps

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