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2012 was my first full summer on Lake Ontario fishing trout/salmon. What a year it was!! Thanks to all that came out and fished in my boat. Or took me out in their's!!

Shorts in February!


A buddies nice brown 2 weeks later...in the freezing rain.


Nice fat laker!


Very nice spring king!!


This was one of those days in the spring where we fished for an hour or so with non-stop action. But the lake just got so rough/so fast we retreated in a hurry!


Nice calm day in June.


Nice little Atlantic.


Boat record/personal best king 30.3 lbs in June!


One of those really slow days. Really had to work for them that day. My buddy had fallen asleep and i pushed him out of his chair to grab the rod.


Out aboard the buckboardjr in 4+ footers. We ignored the small craft advisory that day.


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I logged about 150 hours trolling. So best guess was about 21-22 trips. Best day was in june: over 20 kings (including the 30.3 lbs er), 1 Atlantic, 3 browns, 2 steelhead and 2 coho. That was 2 guys fishing out of a 17 footer with 2 riggers, 2 wire dipseys and 2 coppers (500 and 300).

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WOW what a great picture display, I hope this year I also can get out!! missed all last year to engine dilemmas, what started out as a slight over heating problem turned out to be a disaster till all was said and done, that's enough of me crying!! Will be out there with the best of you guys. I wont have as many hours on the water as you (raising twin girls=work) I'm a rookie to the salmon fishing, I did manage to catch a few in the trench outside of Henderson Harbor which is where I do most of my fishing, really looking forward to the spring Brown Trout, I think with all the great guys on here I might be able to land a few. I hope you do as well if not better this year!! It's nice to see those big fish this time of the year makes you want to order more lures LOL. Till next time, tight lines to you, may spring come as early as last year!! :yes::beer:

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Very nice! Sure was a heck of a season last year....hope this one isn't anti-climactic :lol:

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