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Seneca Seneca 1-31-13

Iron Duke

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Well this post is a bit late but wanted to share.... A friend of mine offered to let me borrow his beautifully rigged 18 ft Alumacraft for the day cause he knew I was gonna lose it if I didnt get out on the lake soon .. So I grabbed another buddy and we got hooked up and left Elmira about 6am Thursday morning and headed to the lake ... The weather was not looking good they were calling for winds out of the west 20 to 30 with gust up to 45 mph and they werent lying... So joe and I where doubtful on if we would be able to get out or not but when we got there the west side looked great so we decided to give it a shot ... We putted out of the south end marina and set up shop just passed the break wall we ran a copper a core and four dipsy's rods.. We got just south of the salt plant and bang !! Fish on !! Got that fish about half way in a bang other wire fires !! Doubled up !!! We had a great day of fishing we went 14 for 16, just one brown short of the slam... The laker fishing was on fire we caught some real nice laker on spinnys and BIG WEENIE flys and also ran a some new spoons from Finger Lakes Tackle CO that Bobby custom painted for me and they produced the off fish on the boards... Check there website out http://fingerlakestackle.com/, These spoons are up and coming on the Finger lakes.. They look great in the water and the paint is Amazing..... Heres a few pics from the day...






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Sweet! I have to admit I'm pretty envious right now as I've been in between ice fishing and open water fishing and not being able to do either for the past few days :o

Thanks for the report....at least I can visualize myself trolling by the salt plant and turning east to go back around and do it again :lol:;)


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