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Mounting a kicker Advice


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I am looking for some advice on mounting a kicker on my Tracker Targa V18. Unfortunately the manufacturer decided to leave a small lip on the transom. I am concerned this does not leave enough room to clamp a Tohatsu 8hp kicker. I have looked at some photos and it looks like you need slightly more than I have to clamp the motor on. Its a shame because mounts are expensive and require drilling. Perhaps someone on this forum has used the clamps on a small outboard and can provide some input regarding how well they hold the outboard and how much transom you need etc. I attached an image of the transom.



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I would think if you set the motor on a block thick enough to get the maximum bit with the clamps and then use the holes on the engine bracket to bolt the motor to the transom you would be fine . Most kickers have holes on the brackets so you can drill into the transom and bolt them too. Also makes it harder for someone to steal your motor .

or ...... http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages ... orMount450

Good Luck !

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What year is it? Looks exactly like my 2011 targa v18 wt and I have no issues. just put a block of wood between motor and transom.

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That is a good idea,but only if you intend to leave the kicker in the "down" position all the time.

A better idea would be to remove the cover board and insert a 1/2 to 3/4 inch aluminum board on the inside in order to give the transom some extra support where the kicker will be hanging. (not so much for "water" time,but for "transport" time. If you leave the board out,you will be able to keep the kicker raised (flipped over forward) when not in use. just make sure that you have a good bilge pump in case of waves coming up from behind rolling into the transom. Anyway,those rigs are supposed to be unsinkable.

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All are good suggestions.

Here was a photo of my boat I sold last year. As the one gent mentioned, you will gave enough bite to clamp the motor on.e

I also suggest bolting it to the transom and be sure to use a backing plate and M3 marine sealant .

I would do anything you could not to use a mounting bracket. It's nice to keep the motor as close to the transom for many reasons.....less weight overhanging, easier connection bar, easier to net fish on the port side, easeasier to lift up if you don't have a power tilt, ect... :yes:


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Thanks everyone for the input.  I am thinking the best option is a static mounting plate and a valve to use the main fuel tank.  If anyone can suggest anyone who could do this at a reasonable price that would be great.  I just cant see paying 100+ an hour for a master mechanic to mount a kicker.  It seems like you are paying a surgeon to do something a doctor could do.  

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