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Canandaigua woodville lauch update


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I just spoke with a DEC rep and he told me that the woodville lauch won't be open til April 1 (DEC website originally said it would be done around mid-January). When i asked him why it wasn't finished on time, he said - and i quote: "the cold weather has really set them back." WOW - i moved here from texas 8 years ago and it didn't take me that long to realize it's gets cold here in the winter. As someone who lives near hemlock, woodville is a lot closer than watkins or taughannock. I know the N ramp is open on Canandaigua, but last Feb i caught a lot of lakers in the south end and was hoping to replicate that.

Does anyone do well in the N. end of Canandaigua this time of year?


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Dre - The north end of Canandaigua including the launch ramp and channel as well is totally iced in and has been for a few days. The only other possibility is the ramp at Onanda Park. I'm not sure if it is open but usually when the north end is frozen up they have opened that ramp for use. You might want toi call out to the park to see the south end is "doable" from there.

You might contact here to find out:

Dennis Brewer

Director of Parks and Recreation

(585) 394-1120

(585) 393-1233

[email protected]

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Lets hope they do a decent job of it. I've got two scratches on the bow my boat in ten years...they both came from the corner of that launch dock. I even put that white rubber piece on the south corner a couple years ago to try to protect my boat :>). It could use a good dredging also .

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I drove by the launch today.  Looks like they pounded some seawall in to divert the water's edge while they work on the ramp.  Somewhat large pile of dirt from some excavation.  Not sure if this is preliminary to dredging or not.  Time will tell.  There were two shanties straight out from the parking lot about 100 yards out.  I don't think I would walk out there.  The ice ended 30 feet north of the ramp project.

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Took a ride to the woodville launch this afternoon..the foreman there said he had hoped to get the launch open by April 1,not going to happen..They put new concrete ramps in..extended the ramp 10 feet further into the lake than before. he said the docks are still being fabricated and had no

idea when they would be done but we can still can use the launch without docks..this should be fun.

He wouldnt put a time frame of when the launch will open as they have had nothing but problems..the steel pilings in the photo..that took them almost all day today he said..not looking good.The photo on the right is what they removed from the old launch.




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Zack I think if it were me I'd launch at Onanda....why take a chance... might still be debris in the water or something at woodville

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5-20-13  I spoke with a Ranger Pat dormer today about the Woodville launch status and he said that

the ramp is done but the are waiting for the docks to be made and delivered. No definite date on this

but it should be soon. He works with the DEC and lives in the area and can be reached at:

585-905-7898. I am looking forward to fishing the south end again. Jerry Sz

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Thanks for the info, Jerry. I was going to attempt to launch there this weekend, but now I will go elsewhere. I thought for sure that they would have it done by now. Does anyone know if the Onanda launch is still open?

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