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Wanted 98 starcraft windshield needed-160sc superfisherman

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Trying to find another windshield for the other console i installed.Does anyone have one or know of anyone that may?I`ve been all over the internet scoring a big fat NADA!!

It`s approx 24 1/2"x16"h.It will be a single console windshield not full.


Bob S

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Bob -


I own a starcraft and had my window blow out on me two years ago.  The ONLY place I was able to find that could get me a replacement was the Starcraft Dealer in Buffalo - Bow and Stern Marine (http://www.bowandsternmarine.com/).  They had to order me a replacement window directly from Starcraft to match my boat and it came in and I installed it and has been great ever since.  They are worth a call at least.  The worst part of that whole experience was that I was towing the boat home to put it away for the year..... so close...






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