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trolling spoons

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I have about 150 of these reflective prism Silverlake trolling spoons. They are brand new. I'm planning on selling 3/4 of them on ebay in the spring, but if anyone here wants any.... give me a shout before they are gone. Mostly, I have purple/black and charteuse/blue. I do also have some of the green/chartreuse with white glow, but not as many and I'm only selling these spoons in sets of 5.

They are on the smaller side..... 3 1/4 inches .

Set includes:

2 purple/black

2 chartreuse/blue

1 green/chartreuse w/white glow

LOU Price is $6.50 set plus $2.75 shipping

Email me at [email protected]

We can accept credit cards through my business, or paypal



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