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Need help estimating size of large musky... (Pic)

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A buddy of mine routinely does electroshocking for various surveys for his work at an engineering firm. Primarily being a walleye guy, I'm always interested in seeing any pics of any lunker 'eyes and where they came from.

Recently, he sent me this pic of a monster musky, and wondered how big it really might have been. My jaw dropped when I saw the pic, my first thought was that it was a lifetime trophy.

He stated that it was heavy enough he couldn't hold it with his arms outstretched and figured somewhere around 45 to 50 pounds. He is about 5' 9" tall, maybe 160 lbs, for comparisons sake. Fish was not weighed or measured, and was returned unharmed to the water .

Would love to hear some guesses on size and length from some people who have seen and caught trophy muskies in person. Thanks guys.


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Its a nice one for sure. I guess 61" from Lamoka Lake- heard from locals that the state record is in that lake.  :bandit: In all honesty- its tough to say. May be a 50" class fish that could be anywhere from 35lbs or bigger. Too tough to say b/c ur buddy is like me when taking fish pics- NO ELBOWS. It makes fish look bigger but makes it tougher to guess.

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the replys. I will let him know. The fish came from someplace near Massena apparently, in a shallow weedy bay. A few others came up also while they were shocking that night, but much smaller then this one.

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