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Penn 320 GTI


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I tried to take apart my 320 to clean and check out drag washers. I dropped the reel on the table during disassembly and it came apart. I have tried to put it back together with no luck. Does anyone know anyone that can put my reel back together and clean and change out the drag washers for a reasonable price. This a 20 year old reel and it has been used a lot, it has never given me any problems. Thanks Terry

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there is an exploded view of a 320gti. its funny because this just happened to me yesterday and i used an exploded view and just put it back together an hour ago. i am not sure if that is the exact reel you have as you just said yours is like 20 years old... but... if it i hope it can help you!!!

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Follow the link to alan tani.  He has a fabulous section on the 320's.  Even I was able to completely dissaemble all of mine by following his pix & explanations.  It's actually quite easy.


Tom B.


I 2nd Tom's advice.  Last week I completely disasembled all my sealine 27Hs and 47Hs, cleaned, lubed, and rebuilt the drags, from stuff I learned from Alan Tani's website.  It's on my favorites list now.

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