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how to fish at half the cost

ray koziatek

would you like to start a list  

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I know i sound like a broken record here ,with he price of gas maybe we can rethink a fishing buddy/partner list. i promise not to pull a buffy well not on the first trip anyway.i know some of us dont like to post numbers here heck ive been doing it for a few years and ant had no wild women try to attack me yet (but im still waiting).maybe a poll thingy would help it would be nice to have a forum with names,numbers,available days,ect. Ray K.

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Guys -

I'll be happy to look into this for you. Give me a bit of time and I will let you know what I come up with. I just have to be careful about how this is handled if you we talking about exchanging personal information. We might have to use the private messaging system built in and maybe combine that with a "buddy list" for easy access to memebers you are friends with. Something like that....

In the mean time, enjoy a couple new features I added...

1.) "Link to Us" - Top right of the site

2.) Quick Reply in the Private Message area. This one was a long time coming and I had several requests for it as members always complained that they couldn't remember what the other person wrote after hitting the reply button.

3.) A cool LOU Logo for the text area background (bottom right - just hit reply to see).

4.) LOU Game Room for Pro Members

5.) Snow flakes on the site for the holiday season. The snow storm at LOU stops the day after Christmas for those wondering.

Enjoy :)

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Guest ReelDiel


Maybe something along the lines of xbox live. You send a "friend request" to another user if they accept the "friend request" thats add each other to the friend/buddy list. At this point you have acesses to each others populated personal info. Maybe like have a few fields. addy, email, phone, cell phone. And if a guy only wants to put his cell number in the populated personal info then thats all he has to put for people to contact him. If someone else wants to put all there info thats fine then they might be a little more restrictive on who they accept "friend requests" from.

Mike D.

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