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Braddocks 2/27 2/28


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Great 2 days for me on the bay. 2/27 I went to check the ice after all that wet snow, One guy out there. I headed out and talked to him but he had just set up so I headed out a little farther and set up tipdowns. The ice was sloppy and the middle of the bay that held ice and fishermen the day before hade been blown open from the strong north east winds. Two more guys showed up and set tip ups out for pike. Well my tipdowns sat still for one hour while I watched everyone else chasin flag after flag. I couldnt take it any longer so I picked the tipdowns up and went into the bay more and set my five tip ups out. It didnt take long before I was iceing my first pike. The pike action was great. At around 3:00 the pike slowed down and the perch picked up. I couldnt buy a perch on a minnow. They were hitting small jigs tipped with a wax worm. I picked up 22 very nice perch with a handfull of 12-14 inchers. My pike tally for the day was 11 with 15 flags. No pike over 29 inches. All pike were released but the perch held a different fate. All pike were caught using golden shinners some injected some not. Dont think it would have made a diff. Fished till dark. Soaked to the bone even with the gore. The fishing was so great that I went back on 2/28. First guy on the ice. Didnt take my tip ups out withe me. Wanted to go after the perch only. Placed my tipdowns out and caught a few nice ones quick but they soon sat still. I started to do the same as the day before and that was again the ticket. My father joined me and brought out my tipups and we iced 2 pike while jigging perch. I managed 30 perch with a few big girls in the mix. But all nice ones at 10-12 inches. The ice was noy good at all. I left at 1:00 after watching one guy fall through the ice. Three men while I was there went through all making it out ok. Even after sitting in the lot for at least 45 minutes talking to "2 bucket Milke'', more guys were comming and asking how the ice was. I told them not good. One of the guys who went through was standing nex to me and guys still headed out. Oh well each to his own. So im sure more guys had to go through! Ok I will make this part quick. I was the first guy on the ice, while fishing a trio of three guys came out and walked 50 yards from me and started to set pike gear. I began to tell the one guy, lets call him "Mike"'about the day before and that he should be in for a treat. He cut me off and said in a very rude tone, "Yup, know all about it and waved his hand at me and kept doing what he was doing. When did it become a crime to offer some freindly advice. One of the guys buds came over to me and started talking to me. I asked him what his buds problem was and if he needed a snickers bar or cup of coffee. He said thats just him. He was nice, lets call him ''Joe''. I then learned that it was the third mans fisrt time ever ice fishing, lets call him ''John''. Poor john got yelled at the whole time by mike. John!! Get me the pliers! John!, get me more tip ups, John!!!......Come over here!!! John! John!! I was shocked that anyone would fish with this guy. I learned a lot about good old "mike'' that day. "'joe'' sat by himself near me and just fished while this guy ran around like a bullying 8th grader at a school dance barking orders. well ''Mike know all about it pike master'' didnt get any pike but he did get wet on his way back to the lot!! You cant go through life beeing a rude dip **** and not expect to get a ''little'' wet!!

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